Bread Making Made Easy!

After years and years of trying and failing to make great bread at home I have finally come across the single greatest bread making method. My secret? Well, to actually have you understand completely you need to know a little about my past, and more specifically, my grandmother.

As some of you may know, my grandmother Jane was a fabulous baker, she would always bring the most beautiful and delicious assortments of muffins, cookies, and pastries to the church potluck every weekend. She is hands down my biggest influence when it comes to cooking and baking, and nothing comes close to her unbelievable zucchini bread. If there is one thing I regret most in my lifetime it is not getting her recipe for that zucchini bread. The most unique thing about that bread was that it was not a product of her enchanting vintage General Electric stove, but rather her new mysterious bread machine. Believe me, I have made many, many attempts to recreate that recipe based on my fading memories from childhood baking it with her, but never have I been able to precisely replicate the moist, flavorful bread that my grandmother was so proud of. That is, not until this last weekend.

You see, I happened to be surfing online shopping sites (a dangerous hobby I know) when I came across a great deal on Amazon for a Breadman BK1050S bread machine. I’m not one to make purchases without a lot of research prior to typing in my credit card number, and this was no different. While there’s a ton of information out there on the best rated bread machines and that, I had to lean on a couple of trusted friends who swear by the Breadman name. That said, I was definitely not planning on a new kitchen appliance but something about the aesthetic both threw me into a fit of nostalgia and had me daydreaming about how good it would look next to my chrome espresso machine and I ordered it on a whim. I know that bread machines are typically a thing of jokes and regrets, but I’ve got to say that this machine is worth the investment, and I plan on giving it plenty of use in the future.

I went ahead and took another shot at the zucchini bread once the bread maker arrived, and I’ve got to say this was the best batch yet. I’m not saying the machine is why the bread was so good, but I’m convinced that it gave it that extra touch that instantly sent me back to the 1990′s. I can tell you that as soon as this recipe is perfect I will be sharing the it with the world online. Also I can confidently say, especially with the good words I’ve heard over and over from those that I know, that the Breadman is the best bread machine you can buy today.

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