Nasi lemak, Mee goring, roti canai, mee soup and dim sum are just a few of the variety of breakfast options available to all Malaysians. Most “tamans” have stalls erected from 5am selling nasi lemak. It’s an easy and quick option to a sultry filling breakfast to soothe your belly.

If you crave something crispier, head to your local “mamak” greet the worker with a smile and say “Boss Roti Kosong Satu!” this delicacy is so cheap its below Rm1 when accompanied with some hot dhal curry and a frothy cup of Teh Tarik, this gastronomical blast to your senses would surely give you a great start to an awesome day.


Nevertheless, nasi lemak is too plain and roti canai is too boring there is always the spectacular variety of various dim sum at your disposal. May it be dumpligs, buns or rolled dishes, the dim sum available at various Chinese eateries would surely satisfy you. The sheer astonishment from all the various dim sum available would indeed bring out the glutton in you. Nevertheless, beware, the prices of most dim sum are higher up the scale and after eating and enjoying all the various plates of heaven you may be faced with a pretty large bill.

Whatever you prefer, Malaysian is a place where food is king. There will never be a problem when there is nothing to eat, but beware overconsumption of food will not only make you overweight, it may plague you with various diseases. Thus as always, moderation is key.

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