Choosing a Kitchen Knife

You know you want one, but which one? What size, shape, style, weight, handle, blade, steel, make and so on! Fear not we have prepared this simple crash course in kitchen knives.

Choosing a kitchen knife is not as hard you might think, it just seems it’s due to all the choices available, the cost and the fear of getting it wrong but don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure it all out.

Here’s a quick test you can try

Do try this at home – Fold a sheet of normal A4 paper and see if your current kitchen knife can do this. If it can’t, you might want to carry on reading our guide and treat yourself to a new knife!

First up is be honest with yourself. If you are a keen home cook with a busy life then you want a low maintenance knife, you don’t need super light high performance, you just want it to stay sharp a long time, be easy to sharpen when you need to and not rust (yes some knives can rust, not all of them are made from stain resistant steel).

The Masakage Yuki Santoku – Our best selling all round chef knife – we usually say “just buy this one” if you’re not sure!

Some knives need a little more care than others but don’t worry about them being delicate ornaments, the Japanese kitchen knives you see on the site have been designed and used in this way for hundreds of years!

It might sound like a cheesy sales pitch but all the chef knives we sell are personally reviewed and meet a minimum quality we’re happy with.

This is why you will see high marks for nearly all of them across the site but we’ve tried to maintain our honesty in our opinions and we only sell knives we would be willing to buy ourselves.

As a result all you really have to do is pick one you like the look of and that suits your budget.

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