Don’t You Just Love This Professional Cutlery Set!

Ever dreamt of owning the best knife in the world ever? Do you wish your set to be the unique among the rest? Well, if these thoughts have been conquering your mind, then it is a sign to upgrade your cutlery set into the professional cutlery set with the best knives to buy in 2015 you can find in the market! As a basic rule, you can have as many knives as you want in your cutlery set but generally most people prefer to have a 7 knives set. There is also a 11 knives set but 7 is more than enough to make your set the most fabulous of all! Believe in it and let’s crack the secret code to own your professional knife set. The main keyword for this is ‘know your knives’ and this article will guide you through the process of knowing the important features of your very own cutlery set.

First of all, you need a seafood knife in your set. Now, why do you need a knife customized for seafood when you can use a normal knife for that? Well pals, that is the reason why I call this a professional cutlery set and not the ordinary one. Every knife can be used to slice, chop or cut seafood but a professional always does it in a proper way by utilizing the knife tailored for that purpose such as flexible, long and narrow blade are specially use to remove fish bones for fillet. A seafood knife contains special features that allow it to be used on seafood more effectively compared to other knife. Chef’s knife or cook’s knife is used practically for most of the slicing and cutting job in your kitchen. It usually has a wider blade as it has to be versatile enough to be used on almost all kitchen chores.

On the other hand, paring knife is primarily used to peel, slice and chop small fruits and vegetables. It carries a characteristic feature of sharp and short blade which allows it to easily pierce through the fruits and vegetables. Boning knife is another type of knife in the cutlery set that is used specifically to remove bones from any pieces of meat. It can be found in various length of blade but usually it has a narrower blade than any other knives in the set.

When you are finding it really hard to chop large slices of raw meat into smaller portions, the cleaver will come in handy. It is designed to cater the need to chop large slices into smaller ones. Butcher’s knife can perform the same function as a cleaver. However, it is more predominantly used to slice and carve roasts. Utility knife or sandwich is mainly used to slice small sandwiches and can be also used for other general cutting and chopping of small fruits and vegetables.

All the 7 knives mentioned above are the basic type of knives that you can usually find in a professional cutlery set and do remember that each knife has its own specific role in the set and missing out any of those knives would only make your cutlery set incomplete. Own those 7 awesome knives and become a professional yourself!

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