I’m highly satisfied with this skillet

I purchased this skillet because on our latest camping trip I noticed that we really could have used one more pan. There were 2 other cast iron skillets that other folks had brought with them so I decided it was time to invest in one for our family. I went home and did some research on cast iron skillet pans and found that Lodge was the only brand made in America. Of course I turned to Amazon to check out reviews and prices. Reviews on the brand looked good and I couldn’t find a better price of the 12 in skillet than getting the skillet/silicone handle combo here on Amazon.

Pan was purchased and it arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. I followed the tips i read here in the reviews and seasoned the pan 4 or 5 more times myself with coconut oil in an 500 oven for an hour, allowing the pan to cool in the oven each time. A couple days later I cooked a pound of bacon in my newly seasoned pan and it cooked up wonderfully. Clean up was a breeze, just a little warm water on a burner, barely any scrubbing, dried with a towel and then over the burner on low and that was it.

Overall I’m highly satisfied with this skillet. The pan will be a great addition to our camping trips. I actually plan on using this pan in our kitchen on a regular basis. I’m so tired of teflon/non stick coatings flaking off after a year or two. Eventually I’ll be purchasing the 10″ and 8″ pans as well. Yes cast iron does require a little more care than your non stick pans but I think its worth it. - K. Harp


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